fire cider - yes, you actually consume this on purpose

firecider_makingherbalmedicine Earlier this week -- on the autumnal equinox I might add (hippie points for me!) -- I found myself in the kitchen brewing up some preventative herbal medicine called Fire Cider. Fire Cider is an easy-to-make concoction that's very effective in warding off colds and flu, clearing sinus congestion, helping digestion, and increasing circulation. And with winter being not far off, now's the time to make it. It takes 4 weeks to steep.

I made this recipe last year and kind of did it wrong. I let it steep it too long and made it too hot (whoa nelly on the cayenne!), so it was mostly wasted. But the little I choked down did work wonders as preventative medicine, so I wanted to give it another shot. This time I researched a few different sources (including this video by Rosemary Gladstar - she is a wonder!) and came up with my own similar, but slightly less singeing, adaptation. I posted the above snapshot on Facebook and Instagram and several folks were interested in the recipe. So I illustrated it (below).

I recommend just skipping the cayenne if you're a spicy food wuss. But if you dig hot, go for it. You can even add black peppercorns or habanero chiles to make it hotter if you'd like! I also would recommend steeping it no longer than 4 weeks as it gets pretty inedible. The taste is strong, so maybe start by mixing a tiny bit into your food (splash on veggies, put a dash in soups, etc) to start taking it. Especially if you're a herbal remedy newbie like me. :)

So print out this recipe, brew up a batch and enjoy the upcoming winter cold-and-flu-free!