fire fire cha cha cha

fire.jpg My Sacred Life: Day 5

Anytime you want your brain to slow down... to just be... to sit right there in that very moment and just be still?... give me fire. I've been sitting by fires my entire life, and it never fails to calm me. Mesmerized by fire... as a little girl camping with my family and eating smores, bonfires in the backyard in highschool with random people coming and going (I don't think I would have made it through HS without fires), stories and heartfelt discussions fireside. Fire helps me figure it out. Oh fire. I heart you. (I am also a master of building fires -- a fact I think I'll add to my resume.) ;)

So last night I fell asleep with the scent of fire in my hair and on my skin. my very favorite...

* * * * * * * Also -- check out the gallery for the Monster Mash (mwah-ha-ha!)... they are totally rockin' out! Are you working on yours? Submissions are due Oct 31! (I was thinking about doing one too ... maybe some kind of sculpture? I thought that might be fun!)