First day of 4-year-old preschool

vedafirstdaypreschool This morning Veda started her new preschool here in Indianapolis! We're very excited about this new school because it's a co-op which means parents get to take turns helping in the classroom. And the parents have jobs to do to keep the school running smoothly. (I'm in charge of the monthly newsletter... and I couldn't be happier about my job! I mean, the newsletter?! I sent out a weekly newsletter for Illustration Friday for 10 years! I've got this in the bag. :))

Anyway, this co-op is all play-based, too, which I feel is just right for us. Veda learns so much just by playing with her friends... how to be social, sharing, stretching her imagination further by incorporating different ideas. It's inspiring to watch and nurture.

Ok, I gotta get some sketching done. More later!