first mother's day

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My first mother's day was wonderful and felt oh-so-sacred... First of all, we stayed at my mother-in-law's house, and I was able to sleep in a little in the morning which felt like pure heaven. And when I woke up Veda showered me with love and gratitude. (And by love and gratitude, I mean spit bubbles and baby poo.)

We had a lovely brunch of homemade spinach quiche, cantaloupe and grapes and coffee! (oh my, how I love brunch -- did you know that five years ago we got married in the morning just so we could serve brunch?) followed by a small gift exchange. My mother-in-law got me 3 pairs of super cute shoes now that I can show off my non-swollen ankles, and a nice pampering kit for whenever I get a moment to take a bath. And my sister-in-law got me a really sweet card. (Love the sweet cards and notes I got from other people too! Aunt Carole and Chris! Thank you so much!)

But the topper was Colin's gift. The perfect first mother's day gift... He got me a necklace that is a tiny green pea pod with three pearl peas in it -- one for me, one for Colin and one for Veda -- from one of the shops in the village near our house. The necklace is so simple and sweet... I just love it. (You can kinda see it in the pic below.) :)

Also, I don't know if you've ever seen one of Colin's drawings, but they are MY FAVORITE THINGS EVER! I just love love love them... he tries so hard to get every little detail of what he's drawing in the picture and it makes for really hysterical and sometimes kinda scary/sweet/wacko pieces of art. hee. He knows my affection for his drawings, so he made me one of Veda for my second gift. See below. See what I mean? I mean... isn't it AWESOME?! The wiggle of the eyebrows... the index finger sticking up on her left hand... the shape of the right ear. These are all accurate from when he was looking at her while drawing. How do you not love that?! :)

Anyway, it's late and I'm exhausted, but I wanted to write before these thoughts slip away into sleep-deprived oblivion. This was a beautiful first mother's day. :)

And happy belated mother's day to all you mom's out there! I honor you and hold you gently in my heart.

xo, p