First Read

This project was one project that I LOVED working on.

First Read supports family literacy and education in poor communities around the world.

It offers an innovative way of working directly with families to expand and improve early chilhood care and education. First Read also supports improvements in the literacy and other skills of the participating parents and carers, including their ongoing ability to support their children’s learning.

Good cause, right?

Well, First Read came to me asking for a logo. They were looking for an illustrated piece, but the more thought I put into it, the more I thought that a truly designed vector logo was the way to go. They had to appeal to a broad audience (sponsors, authorities, consumers, etc) so I created a logo that would be timeless, could resize easily and be formatted in different ways for different materials… (First Read is starting off in Africa, so I thought the elephants made sense. Plus, elephants keep their young near for a very long time, so they seemed like a good animal to embrace the thought behind First Read. I wanted the parent to somehow connect to the little one through reading.)

After creating the logo, I just couldn’t stop. So I went ahead and designed their identity package including business cards,  letterhead, envelopes, book marks, and website. It was a great project. (I miss design, can you tell?!)

The logo:

Then onto business cards:

And bookmarks:

And finally, website: (Click image to visit site.)