four days

It's always eye-opening (and heart opening!) to live with another family with kids for a few days. To see how they do it. How they deal with the details of everyday life. Their routine. And the little stuff that kind of slips between the cracks of conversation. Things like bathtime and toothbrushing. Or rest time. Or those 15 minutes where "nothing's happening" while they stock up the car to leave. It's inspiring. It makes me come home and move stuff around. Think about other options. And see my routine/surroundings/attitude with fresh perspective. Full of ideas.

It was also so so wonderful to spend time with my dear friend. She and I connect so deeply and it was awesome to just talk. Unrushed and unstressed. As we unpacked boxes and arranged furniture and hung artwork we talked about swimming lessons. And meditation. And poop. And the benefits of large concrete slabs. And the challenges of adult friendships. And vulnerability. And bravery. And list making. And everything else under the sun.

I only wish our time was longer. Four days felt short.