Garden harvest

The garden is really producing now. It's a funny combination of fruits and veggies though because of all the nonsense that's gone on with the critters and weird weather. We have a ton of okra (which I picked too late... it was tough. Now I know to pick it early when it's small!), green peppers, lots of jalapenos, yellow pear tomatoes, cantaloupe, watermelon, cucumber, carrots and more.

The basil is from my garden-mate's side of things. She's been out of town so I've been tending her half and enjoying her plants. (I should say *Colin* is tending her half. He's doing all the work as I'm still ill. Thank goodness he's super strong and willing to help out when I need him to. He's not a huge fan of gardening, so I appreciate his help a lot right now.)

This mammoth watermelon came out of the garden, too. We are slowly learning how to tell when they are ripe. In fact, we're slowly learning so much from the garden. Like you need to stake tomatoes well, and early, because they seem to sprout out of control overnight. And that you should not plant cucumber right next to cantaloupe because you get some really weird fruit. Cucaloupe, anyone?

I truly love being out in the garden though, even if it's sometimes pretty difficult in the Carolina heat. I try to get out there as early as possible. It's amazingly grounding and satisfying to get totally dirty while you pick what you planted. It's awesome. Veda loves it, too. She has turned into such a great helper. She spots ripe veggies and holds open the bag as I clip it off the vine. She is so delicate when she tears the leaves off the basil plant, knowing that with basil, we don't pull the root. She's been learning a ton, too. I think it's such a gift to be learning together as mom and daughter.

* * *

Illness update: I have an appointment at the doctor on Wednesday, so I'm looking forward to getting closer to figuring out the problem. My strength does seem to be coming back a little bit, but I'm looking forward to knowing what caused this. And just to cover my bases, my neighbor, and friend, across the street is an older woman from South America who is a shaman and studied in native american medicine. She is going to do some healing work with me tomorrow night. I'm looking forward to that. Last time she worked on me she changed something in my voice (my voice cracks now like I'm a teenage boy... so weird.) I asked her to either put my voice back the way it was or get it all the way open to whatever it wants to be. She just laughed. I'm not sure what that means, but I'm game for finding out. :)

* * *

Hope you're all well.