giving up

sucker.jpg Well, I'm back in flat-as-a-pancake Indiana and I've been tongue-tied since I've returned. Not sure where my head is or what is the clear message that is coming forth from the mind chatter. I just kind of want to let it settle. Savor it all for a few moments more.

Being around Tom and Alison was wonderful. I felt useful and I needed it. The highlight of the trip was on the last day I was there... Alison felt a little relief from the nausea because she drank a can of coca cola, and she was very lively... getting up and pouring herself drinks, tossing a blanket on the floor as a little make-shift bed while we watched a movie, reading and writing in her journal. It was great to see. I asked her when she started training for the marathon. hee.


The low-light of the trip was when Tom and I went deep sea fishing. And for the first time in my life I got sea-sick. The waves were pummeling the boat and my tummy did not appreciate it one bit. So I spent the majority of the time hunched over the side of the boat puking. So not fun. I was better as soon as we got into the river where the water calmed down because of the land on both sides. Stupid sea-sickness.

It was great to have a week out of my element. It wasn't vacation per se. I worked while I was there. I think I completed four paintings. But it was a nice change of pace. I wasn't sure I would be able to set up shop in a different environment... working at a dining room table with people watching. But I managed just fine. It was nice to be out of the studio and have random breaks which I don't get at home. It all made me think about what is important. How many things are done out of sheer obligation (things I don't really care about personally)... How many things are done because I have a guilty conscience (like not taking breaks when I need to)... How many things I could give up and feel like I'm using my time better (saying no more often)...

What would you give up if you were to truly value your time?

What are you waiting for?

"I will live by my own policies / I will sleep with a clear conscience / I will sleep in peace" ~from Sinead OConnor Lyrics - The Emperors New Clothes