goal of sisterhood

Moving is a very soul-less activity, isn't it? Putting all the things you love into box upon box. Your house becoming an empty shell, barren of artwork and personality? No doubt this process has made me crave heart-to-heart connection and sisterhood. And without seeing this need previously, I seemed to have built in some connective time into my life. (I love it when you give yourself what you need without knowing it!) This weekend I participated in a yin intensive weekend at a studio an hour away, taught by the amazing master Jill Harman. Yin is something I've become really interested in because it balances the yang life we all seem to lead unintentionally. In other words, it's a very quiet, meditative practice of stillness, and it gets into the nitty gritty of your body... the subtle connective tissues that hold us together. Not that it's easy. In fact, I find it harder than yang (active) hatha yoga. Well, I'm sure you can research more about yin if you're interested - here is a fantastic resource, but the best part for me was the small group of women that took the workshop... about ten of us in all. And it had the best dynamic -- everyone bringing a different experience and perspective to share and reflect on. It was a safe, sacred space that made everyone feel supported and held. Amazing. Being there made me realize that this sharing and connection to women was something I am really lacking in my everyday life. It showed me a space that I am hoping to fill after this move is over and we are settled. I'm going to search it out and welcome it.

Another space-revealer was a book I recently finished reading called The Red Tent. This is not a new book... it's been out for a while I think, but I loved it. Loved it. It's a novel loosely based on biblical stories, particularly that of Dinah, the only daughter of Jacob. The red tent was the gathering place of women for their monthly moon cycle and child birth (I wish modern women had an equivalent!), and the story followed Dinah's life as she lived with her mothers and then her own story apart from them. Really powerful. And again, it made me crave sisterhood and friendship with women.

What a gift to be able to clearly see this space in my life. A new goal has been created.