good morning, sunshine

flows.jpg Just a quick hello before I start on the massive pile of work I have in front of me...

- Saw this movie. Loved it. I think it helps put poo into perspective, a reminder I needed right now. Plus, every dining outdoors scene had me swooning and wishing for something similar. (I love eating al fresco.)

- My favorite tea right now. (Caffeine free Chamomile.) I'm completely out so I'll have to stock up before the move... But it's also available on Amazon. (side note: don't you think Amazon's site is an eye-sore?)

- This book is so pretty. Miss Kalman is a wonder!

- I got a wild hair and added three new sections to my site: fine art, type, and pattern. I love the type section especially and hope to get more work that allows me to play with lettering.

- Have been reading a lot of articles on this site. They seem to stand me up straighter.

Anyway, enjoy! And have a groovy Wednesday!