good morning, sunshine

"Babe! My face exploded!"

This is how I woke Colin up this morning after I'd accidently scratched open the strawberry (the small red mole) on my cheek. I was sleeping somewhat soundly and suddenly felt wetness gush all over my face. I jumped out of bed (I still have no idea how I managed that with my lack of functioning abdominal muscles) and found a bloody mess in the bathroom mirror -- I looked like I'd been shot. My face was covered in bright red blood from the eyeballs down. eee! I managed to wipe myself off and get pressure on it while Colin scrambled around for wads of kleenex and band-aids.

After about a half hour of hard pressure, it finally stopped and I fell back to sleep for a few hours looking like I'd had a recent schnoz job.

Then I woke up to two massive nosebleeds.

Not a super morning.

I posted the new Illustration Friday topic and decided that I needed to chill for the day. So I sent off the two jobs I had in the wings and plunged out into the -18 degree weather for a long lunch and a trip to the bookstore. I'm so glad I did. I started feeling instantly better when we picked up my mom and sister and started laughing about it all.

Laughing is good therapy.

* * * I owe ya'll a belly bump pic soon, don't I? I'm 37 weeks now, due Feb 7th. Do you think I'll go early? Let's make a bet. I've been noticing some minor braxton hicks contractions. Hmm... It's probably nothing yet, right?