good things list

Inspired by the cutie Nina Beana's list, here is my own good things list:

- starting to feel in touch with our neighborhood... watching the flow and routine and bustle of the residents and workers.

- new, super-warm maternity clothes courtesy of my mother in law. My belly is not squeezing into too-tight tees any more!

- our dryer broke -- and for once in our lives it's still under warranty! So until next week when the repairman can come, we have socks and undies strewn on every flat surface in the living room.

- waking up to snow on the ground.

- rearranging the furniture in the studio to make it flow better.

- super warm down comforters to sleep under at night.

- my husband's big red beard (which strangers now come up and talk to him about. ha!)

- mulling over baby names... we have three contenders now.

- meeting out for breakfast at a moment's notice.

- smiles from my niece who laughs at my funny faces.

- homemade veggie chili lunch (oh yum) over at some friends' house ... good conversation and meeting their baby boy for the first time.

- pasta. with marinara.

- food in general.

- fleece.

- hand-written letters from friends that make my whole day light up.

- crangrape juice in wine glasses.

- black and white artwork (we asked one of our super-talented artist friends to do a b/w piece for us... and he's working on it... I can't wait to see it!)

- thinking up homemade christmas gift ideas.

- white christmas lights starting to go up in the village.

- woodwick candles (sound so nice!).

- long walks in the woods with Vince off the leash. He's so good.

- hand-me-down baby clothes from friends and family.

- wanting a composter for christmas, but not sure what kind... any suggestions anyone?

- reading about eco-showers... wondering if my family would be down with that.

- egg nog.

- looking forward to thanksgiving feasts!

What about you there, sugar-feet... what's on your good things list?