"grace during the storm" - personal work

penelope dullaghan illustration - calm during storm Last week I finished up the cover illustration for the May/June issue of Spirituality & Health Magazine. It should be out on shelves soon. I pitched a few sketched concepts, and they went with a really fun one that I'll share in an upcoming post.

And while they chose another sketch, I couldn't let one of the ideas go. I just loved the imagery -- a woman looking calm and peaceful while her hair was made up of a swelling and raging sea. She's staying centered and solid even through trouble. And I especially love that the storm is a part of her. It's not just an outside force that is happening to her.

Sylvia Boorstein (one of my favorite authors) says that the one reality you can create is the point of view that you bring to any experience. In other words, we create our own realities by how we approach and handle it. She says: “... freedom of choice is possible. Life is going to unfold however it does: pleasant or unpleasant, disappointing or thrilling, expected or unexpected, all of the above! What a relief it would be to know that whatever wave comes along, we can ride it out with grace.”

I couldn't agree more. So even though S&H chose a different direction, I knew I needed to bring this illustration to life - for me. I hope it resonates with you also.