grateful for garage floors

gratefulforgaragefloors.jpg This weekend we stayed at Tom's and Alison's house, like we do most weekends now. And it was wonderful. Feels good to have more space for Vince to run around and it feels good to not worry about bothering the people who live in the apartments above and below us. But mainly what feels good is that this is starting to feel "normal". I am getting used to being over there and becoming bigger parts of each other's lives. I like calling Tom and instead saying "What do you guys have planned this weekend" I say "What are we going to do this weekend". I like sitting with Alison and having real heart to hearts and understanding each other while Colin and Tom building things in the garage. I like planning the future with them. I like discussing what we need from the grocery store. It's what we moved here for and it's just beautiful. I feel so blessed.

Saturday night Alison and I prepared a chili dinner with cornbread and all the fixins' (I'm getting this south thing down, huh.) and afterward we all sat out by the fire and just kind of zoned and talked and relaxed. The next day we hm-hawed around until the urge struck to paint. (Have I mentioned that Tom is an artist too?) I should back up and mention that I was asked to donate a piece for the Tonic Ball in Indianapolis where all the proceeds go to feed the hungry, and I volunteered Tom to do one too. So we started our paintings on Sunday, him painting a streetlight scene in oils and me, um... not sure yet. I am still in the murky "what do I want to paint" stage.

We painted out in the garage where we could spill and drip without freaking out (the white carpet in the apartment makes me feel panicky), and Tom's painting started coming together almost immediately. He had a plan. Mine, on the other hand, was just a mess of greens and blues and then a stripe of red here and polka dots there. Alison said she was liking it and Colin looked up from his book for a second to agree, but I wasn't feeling it at all. I dumped white on top and did a thin white wash, leaving the most delicate shade of green. Happy with where I ended for the day (which was truthfully, nowhere), I cleaned my brushes. I'm still not sure where I want to go with it, but I like the open ended feeling of possibility and the inspiration that fell to the garage floor.