basil life has felt a little chaotic since we moved to indianapolis. full tilt. this is not how i prefer to roll... i like lots of leisure. very little drama. calm, long empty spaces to play and ponder and linger and be. i like to sip, not gulp. i intentionally set up my life like this. but for the last 4 months it has been fast, furious and a bit on the crazy side.

with fall here, i am intent on resetting the pace. i want to look closer about what i say yes to and how i spend my time. i want to pay attention. be present. make conscious choices.

i am finding, once again, that i can do that only if i reconnect with the moment. the photo above is simply basil in a basket ready to be transformed into pesto. nothing spectacular. but it represents me paying attention to how pretty that appeared suddenly in the light from the kitchen window. how it smelled. how tangible being here, now is. this basil fixed everything.