Guideposts Magazine - 2 years of illustration

penelopedullaghan_guidepostsmagazine_monthlyfeature Each month I do 3 small illustrations for Guideposts Magazine for their "Pass It On" feature. The stories for this column are inspiring and uplifting tales of people's kindnesses, and each of them gets a little illustration to go with it. I really love working on these every month and reading about how people are putting good into the world in their own ways.

For the illustrations above, the stories were about 1) a group that offers free yoga classes to veterans to help bring them peace; 2) a woman who fosters dogs while their owners are in the local homeless shelter; 3) a man has a “NICE" (Notice Individual Character Examples) journal where he writes down acts of kindness he sees and share them with his grandkids; and 4) An older gentleman diagnosed with leukemia and his wife try to stay active by walking their two dogs around the neighborhood, but as he gets sicker, he needs to stop to rest. So one of his neighbors puts two chairs out on their lawn for him, and soon the idea spreads and there are 15 stops.

I was just looking through my records and saw that I've been working with Guideposts for over two years now! Twenty-five months to be exact. How fun! I'm inspired by these stories and hope that my illustrations are helping other people take notice to read them, too.