happy birthday to me

My birthday was last weekend, and we celebrated in a small, just-us way. Nothing fancy. Nothing crazy. It was perfect. I woke up to a lovely card from my kiddo. (Notice all the facial hair for her dad and the hearts on the shoes!)


Then came the card-of-all-cards from Colin, that outlined different activites we could do with the day. LOTS of options!


I chose to start off the day volunteering in the gardens at Veda's school. We pulled weeds, played and "planted" tires for the kids to climb on. It was raining softly, so we got a little muddy, as you can see. But the weather was perfect for being outside working... not too hot.


I even got to take home the eggs from the school chickens!


The activity I chose for the afternoon was a farm-to-table lunch at Traders Point Creamery in Zionsville, IN. I'd never been and good food sounded like the best thing ever after all that gardening.



Traders Point Creamery is a family-owned organic dairy farm and artisan creamery (so of course we got ice cream!). The grounds around the restaurant are so beautiful with fields of wild-flowers, gardens you can walk through and cows you can moo hello to. I got to walk around all I wanted ogling the plants and getting ideas for my own garden.



Overall, pretty perfect!