Happy Feet Thai Massage Video

So doing that yoga video for Squam kind of broke the ice for me, and I felt compelled to share another video post! (Feeling braver, yes we are!) The idea for this one started first with my love and passion for Thai Yoga Massage, and my desire to share it with others. Now, to be clear: I am NOT a schooled or trained Thai practicioner (yet!). I have simply taken a few workshops and have had and done a handful of Thai massages myself. But I so love this healing art form and practice it regularly on my family and friends (lucky ducks, huh?!).

The second reason this video idea was at the top of my mind is because my mom is aging (like ya do) and has started experiencing some health problems. Typical stuff like feeling stiff, aching feet, sore back, etc. In her words: "Pen, I am turning into a stone!" So in talking and brainstorming with her, we came up with the idea of me posting little videos to help her regain her health and flexibility. And I mean helping with simple, natural ways... basic things you can do at home (massage techniques, yoga, food choices) to nourish your body. Plus, helping my mom will give me experiential knowledge to eventually start to help other people (something I'd love to do down the road when the timing is right and I get more schooling).

So let me back up... What is Thai Massage? I have had a couple of close friends ask me that, so if my friends don't know, you might not either. :) Thai Massage, I think, is a relatively unheard of form of bodywork that's just starting to gain popularity in the west. Originally from Thailand (you already guess that, right?), it uses hands and feet, knees, forearms and elbows to offer receivers rhythmic massage, acupressure, assisted yoga stretching and gentle twisting. It helps with range of motion, flexibility, chronic back pain, shoulder and muscle tension. Basically, the receiver lies passive on a large mat while the practitioner does the movements for them and encourages them to relax. My tremendously inspiring friend Jenny's husband Patrick does Thai Massage for his living and also teaches. Check out his site to see visual examples and get a better explanation than I'm giving here. :)

We clear as mud?

So onto this video. This is a super simple, but amazingly wonderful foot massage technique that you can do with a partner. It's basically walking on the receiver's feet with your own. There's no real "right" way to do it, as long as you are communicating with your partner and they feel good. So you can use your heels first, then the front part of your foot. You can grab a kitchen chair for balance and walk on both feet at the same time. Whatever feels right. I know it's hard to visualize in black and white type. So watch the video, try it out, and let me know what you think!

Hope your feet are happy too!