happy holidays

starlightstarbright.jpg Well, friends, this is the last post for the year. I am heading up north for a week of chill-to-the-bone cold (hello mittens!), warm familiar friendships, and my colorful quilt of family. Can't wait to have a little time off to relax and refresh.

I am exiting this year with so much gratitude in my heart. It's been kind of patchy at times, but overall, so much goodness has surfaced.

I am so thankful for my friendships and my family. I feel so blessed to live close to my brother and Alison. I love that we are close enough to lean on each other now. I am thankful for living in the south, particularly for living in a city that wants you to be outside and makes every effort to show you how to get there: the river walk, the waterways, and the parks. I am so thankful that our house eventually sold and we finally found a new one. And I'm ever so grateful that I've had steady work this year. I've been blessed to work with some really great people.

And I'm incredibly thankful to you, too. Thank you for sharing in my journey and commenting with bits of yours. Thank you for your support and thoughts. I feel like we are together somehow in this crazy internet/blog world. Feels like family.

I wish you many many blessings in 2007. See you next year.

xoxo, p