happy new year to you!

orchidsclio.jpg In welcoming the new year you can't help but think about what you'd like to change with this fresh slate... What your resolutions are. And my mind went there too. Asking myself what I'd like to improve or tackle this year. But I don't think there's anything too huge. I think I'm finally on the right track with a lot of things. After struggling so much in years past, I finally understand how to get the balance I need to be happy... and I have a lot of tools for doing so (walking, yoga, eating healthy food, journaling, time off, working hard, laughing, solitude, etc...). So I am just going to keep remembering to actually use those tools. Watching and being mindful as this new year unfolds, trying to recognize the simple beauty as it happens. Keeping my eyes open and childlike.

There was one small change that popped up as I thought how I could live better (or more organized). It's probably a reaction to the madness of last month... but I'm going to try to buy birthday and christmas gifts for family and friends as I see them throughout the year, storing them in a closet until a gift giving occasion arrives. That way gift-giving is not so stressful or such a blow financially at the end of the year for Christmas. And I think I might get things they would really like that way, instead of begging my brain for ideas when it's crunch time. So far I'm doing it... I already picked up my dad's father's day gift, a small pretty thing for my sister-in-law's July birthday, and a stocking stuffer for my mother-in-law. Feels great! And I know they will love them. :)

So, what about you? Any thoughts/changes for this new year?

p.s. The LopiePop Shop is now open again. Enjoy!