Happy Thanksgiving!

live happy magazine, illustration by penelope dullaghan

Happy Thanksgiving, friends! This morning Veda and I wrote down 10 things we’re grateful for. Here’s my list:

1. work that brings me joy and builds connections.

2. my good health.

3. slow mornings reading at the table with coffee and my favorite breakfast (ezekiel raisin toast with sharp cheddar cheese).

4. gray days that give permission to cozy up on the couch and look out the window.

5. friends that bring over full baskets of goodies and smiles.

6. hand-written letters from my pen pal.

7. grapefruits in the winter.

8. making cookies with Veda - and for the first time baking felt effortless.

9. tv shows that grow compassion and understanding (I’m thinking of “Call the Midwife” - a show I’m loving).

10. you. I am so grateful for every like, kind comment and supportive gesture you reach out with here. Thank you!

If you’d like to say something you’re grateful for also, I’d love to read it!