hi stranger!

I kind of fell off the face of the blog planet as the holidays approached. We had a lovely season of traveling adventures, some stay-at-home moments and all seeing through the eyes of of child. It was magical. I almost forgot I had a blog! I hope you had a beautiful holiday too. I missed you. (artwork by kirsten crilly)

I come back with some super exciting news: I am going to be teaching at Squam Art Workshops again this coming September! The classes I'm teaching are going to be really fun. I can't wait!

I'm repeating the Earth Art class that I taught last time because it was so meditative and peaceful and powerful. The women who took the class with me the first time said it really set the pace for their Squam experience.

I'm also offering a new class called Hand-Lettering. In this class we'll be using different typographic techniques and approaches as we explore a personal quote or poem more deeply. I'm looking forward to the mess we'll create in that class.

Find out more about Squam here. I hope you'll join me there!