home renovation - bathroom

Right now I'm in my studio listening to the sound of a hammer clapping out a very uneven beat. There's a saw in the background, too, making for quite the concert as I sit here trying to work. We have taken on a few home renovation projects, and I'm very happy about it! We bought this house we're currently in one year ago knowing that it was a solid choice - a well constructed house of limestone built in 1949. It had great wooden floors, but other than that, it was pretty ugly. In fact, it was so ugly that when we looked at it for the first time, I walked in the front door and promptly turned around and walked back out. No thanks. But my husband is a very convincing fellow, and he told me that solid construction is exactly what we were looking for, and that ugliness was something we (or, more accurately, I) could do something about. So I took a second look and started to see potential. And a year later, after living in the space for a while, we are doing something about the ugliness. We're tackling several projects right now:

- the full bathroom. It was peach and maroon. Enough said.

- the entry way. It had a boring, non-functional knee-wall and no storage.

- adding a kitchen pantry. (I currently store all my bulk goods in the laundry room.)

Now, for the sake of brevity, in this post I'll just show you the bathroom and what I have in mind for that. I'll follow up with posts about the entryway and pantry.

Here are two "before pics" of the bathroom:



You see why I walked out now, right? Ick. The previous owner added a new large vanity to sell the house, but it took up most of the space in the bathroom. So it had to go. The floor was filthy and I could never get it clean. And some of the hideous peach tile was cracked.

Below is what the bathroom currently looks like in construction land. Down to the bare bones. We kept the basic layout and the cast iron tub. But when we pulled the floor out, we saw that most of the subfloor was rotted away (think large holes!). So we replaced that, too. (Funny how home projects add up...) Not so great!


But now onto the fun part: inspiration for the new look. Here's what I have in mind... (Btw: I *loved* putting together this little mood board a la Pinterest. So fun to pretend to be an interior designer for a minute!)


White is the name of the game. And classic design elements like subway tile with gray grout, painted beadboard, a charcoal gray floor, square pedestal sinks and chrome schoolhouse lighting. I plan to soften it up with navy/white cotton towels, natural texture baskets and maybe a plant if I can fit one.

We're still a long way off, but today I peeked in and saw tile going up on the wall... I shall report back later with "after pics".