home renovation – pantry

Last project in this home renovation "before" series is the addition of a kitchen pantry. Because my kitchen doesn't currently have a pantry, I've been storing all my bulk goods in the laundry room, which was less than ideal. Especially because there's a very easy fix: on the other side of our kitchen wall is a bedroom that had two closets: a large one with double doors and a smaller closet with one door. So our idea was to wall off the smaller of the two and open it up on the kitchen side to make a pantry. Smart, yes? Here's a picture of the plaster wall being cut out to expose the closet in the other room:


And here's what it looks like today - the studs were moved to the back wall, where the old door used to be, and it's being dry-walled off.


The reason the door opening looks so big is because I chose a five-panel shaker style pocket door for this space. That way the door won't swing open into the kitchen, blocking off traffic or seating. I love the shaker door style a whole lot because it's semi-vintage-looking and kind of matches the style of our house: boxy and linear.

Now I don't get to do a whole kitchen overhaul like I want to (funds!). It currently has dark cabinetry, and I'd like white, but it's brand new, so we can't justify removing it. And I know I can make it work with some simple tweaks. See the inspiration board for what I'm thinking:


That's the shaker door in the upper left. And I already have a bunch of vintage mason jars with zinc lids and an old two-toned crock (thrift store scores!). So I'm just going to get a bigger kitchen island that seats two (IKEA, most likely) and some new white shelving and call it a day.