how big? sooo big!

I can't believe how much Veda resembles a KID these days. It's like I woke up one day and the baby Veda was replaced with this big girl. Sometimes you can even see changes from day to day. It happens that fast.

She is the coolest right now. She is so happy. Loves to read books for hours on end. Loves to "go bye bye". She gets stir crazy like her mama. She knows all kinds of animal noises. She can communicate with me when she needs something. (It's something like a cat meowing, but she gets her point across.)

We have a loose daily schedule that we mark time with. Breakfast time. Getting dressed. Going out and doing something. Nap. Lunch. Afternoon playtime. Nap. Dinner. More playing. At night we do bath time and then get into pjs... singing a soft song, read two books followed by me asking her to do anjali mudra and then we say a prayer. I love these little rituals in our schedule. They are like a pulse throughout our day.