i love you, to-do's

We just got back from a much needed trip visiting my grandma at the beach in south Florida. It was warm, sunny, and slow paced. Being outside in the sun sunk in deep and woke up that part of me that goes dormant with the winter grays. I'm SO ready for spring...

In my downtime (my mom traveled with us so I actually had a little!), I was thinking about to-do lists... and how you never get to the end of them. They just keep going. You can cross ten things off, but then you always add on 5 more. And really, that's all good and well because I think that if you ever did finish everything you ever had to work on or get taken care of, you'd be looking around like "helloooo! What the hell do I do now?!" You know? I heard once that people need three things to be happy: something to do, something to love, and something to look forward to. I think that might be true.

So I came to the conclusion that it's ok to always have a running to-do list. More than ok. It's necessary. And to just chill if there are more things that you can accomplish in one week or one month or one whatever. You don't need to. Because as soon as you clear that space, something else will come in. So I am going to try to soften around my to-do's... and go even further to be thankful for them. Because they fulfill one thing required for happiness. Plus, things can wait, and what can't wait will always get done.

I should go hang out with the old folks more often! hee.