Illustration Friday: Change; and CreatAthon

passagewayhouse.jpg Colin started his new job last week, writing for a new agency called Riggs. Riggs does this really cool thing called CreatAthon, where once a year they take on a dozen or so not-for-profits that could use some help and they stay up all night working on campaigns for them. This year's CreatAthon fell on Colin's first week of work... which I think is a good thing because pulling an all-nighter and being creative with new people is a perfect for bonding, don't you think?

Anyway, Riggs found out that I am an illustrator and they asked me to help out by doing an illo for one of the campaigns. I was happy to help! The not-for-profit that I helped with is a group that serves homeless families. Needy families sign up for this two-year program where they are given a home and taught to be self-sufficient. They are counseled and take courses in skill development... shown how to get jobs, education and childcare. Basically, they are given their lives back. So the idea of the program is to fight homelessness in a long-term manner... not just crisis management.

So to reflect all that, I drew a dull and lifeless path that leads to a house... and then the path is transformed in that house to be full of life... sprouting flowers and leaves and giving hope. It shows the path of the family's life who enters the program. And I thought it'd fit perfectly with this week's Illustration Friday topic: Change.

Also in the vein of change: miss Alison was tested yesterday after her fourth round of chemo and her tumor has shrunk! We haven't heard anything about cancer in her bones yet, but feel that it is improving too because she's feeling so much better. When she first started chemo she was so pale and weak and her cheeks were sunken. And now she has some color, she's able to walk around more and she seems to be in better sprits. Go chemo! All our prayers are working! Please keep them coming... she's starting her next two months of chemo soon. You're doing so well, Alison! Superhero!