Illustration Friday: Invention, and an auction

leafblower.jpg For Illustration Friday's Topic: Invention. This illo was originally for a story about a man who refused to get on the bandwagon with modern invention. No remote controls for tv, no ipods when the radio worked just fine. And no leaf blowers when a rake would suffice. Until his family bought him a leaf blower and nagged him to use it. Then, of course, he finished the lawn in half the time and was persuaded to love this new invention.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * I also wanted to thank everyone for their prayers and donations for Alison over the last few days. She, Tom and I have been sitting down on the couch in astonishment at how generous people are and how loved Alison feels. You are such a blessing.

Also a blessing: Wee Cottage Art Studio is planning on auctioning off a piece of her art each week during the month of December, with all the proceeds going to "A Dream for Alison". (thank you Candi!) Click here to see the first piece that she has up. Maybe it's a good Christmas present for someone in your circle?