I'm grateful for...

"What are you grateful for today?" That's the question I ask Veda every night just after the lights go out and we have our moments of quiet before sleep comes. Sometimes it's something simple like "playing with my friends" or "the yummy dinner tonight" (okay, most of the time, she's grateful for dinner... such an eater, this kid). But sometimes it's gets a little more in depth and we have the chance to talk about questions, challenges or whatever is on her mind. But I love the practice of gratitude every day. I used to keep a journal just for this, but lately I've found it to be too much effort. Conversation about it is easier. And more fun, really. And I love that I get to share/teach this practice to my kid.

With that in mind, I'd like to share some things I'm grateful for lately...

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- learning more about drying garden herbs (a process of google and figuring-it-out-as-I-go).

- the weather being nice enough now to eat breakfast on the porch every morning. (we'll continue this until first snow).

- the first canoe ride of the season.

- being amazed that food is actually growing in my garden.

- drying clothes outside again.

- Indiana peonies. Wow.