in love

atthefair.jpg I don't know if it was a sugar high or if I was half-blinded by the bright flourescents or if it was just me finally getting out of the studio and doing something just for fun that pushed me into falling in love. And a push it was. A hard push right between the shoulder blades that said "wake up and look around!"... (I won't get into it too much, but the bad luck just keeps on keepin' on here in penelope-land and I was feeling downright shitty. No buts about it. Lots of "at least"s being muttered in defiance of accepting bad luck. So I really needed a love shove.)

It happened Saturday night at the fair. We went with a big group and started out by racing down the Euroslide (I was on the yellow track and lost big-time). Then there were foot long corn dogs and root beer floats, googly eyes made at long-lashed elephants, and yellow ducklings tumbling down a water slide. I walked around feeling dazed. Blown away. In love. All these beautiful people... shining eyes, bright lipstick, backwards hats, baby strollers, sculptural hair, hand-holding and dancing in lines. All under glowing lights and carnival taunts. It was like colorful cotton candy for your eyes. And I almost couldn't take it.

The world is such a beautiful place.