in the last month...

ishrunk.jpg This month-long blog break has been exactly what I needed. I reinforced that I am teeny tiny itty bitty. And that the world ticks on and on without me. And that is totally GREAT!

Looking at that fact in the face this month has taken pressure off for me. And I feel like I can be bolder, realizing that I can and will and have been just saying what I need to say and then letting it go. Fly little wordies. And if it hits some soft spots out there for anyone reading, then great. If not, that's totally coolio too. To each their own. (But thank you all for your kind comments and emails this month! You have warmed my heart. Y'all are good at that, you know that?)

But so much has happened this past month. I am looking forward to retelling some of the good parts, and even some of the not so good parts.

But for now, I just wanted to say... hello you. I missed you.