it will all come together.

I am having a helluva time trying to concentrate today. I feel like I'm being pulled in a million directions. Canceling my life here in the midwest getting ready for the move south. And it comes with so much stress. Selling a house is taxing! No wonder they make buying easier... you need the break after all this turmoil. The cleaning and primping. Prepping and posing. I think I've washed the windows six times in the last three days (because I can't seem to not hit them with the hose when watering my "pops of color" annuals... which are dying despite my incessant watering. Mom...can you tell me what I'm doing wrong?!). I just spent two and a half hours on the back porch of my sweet mother-in-law's house with my pets (two kitties and a dog) because my kitties have problems with her kitties. Not too mention her kitties' problem with my dog. So I told the pets we were having a picnic and they should enjoy it. A freak out picnic, more like it. Everybody was kind of puffy the whole time while I tried to read the Oprah magazine I found and meditate (not happening). Oh well, it was nice to listen to the caty-dids for two hours. Rattle rattle...

(counting blessings: we had a showing!) (I hope it went well!)

I'm trying hard to push my nose to the grindstone to get all my sketches that are due, done. That's what I should be doing. Instead I'm blogging (I am going to label it as head-clearing-to-make-way-for-good-sketches) and thinking about going to the kitchen for an iced-chai (crap! we're out of milk... maybe I should run to the store). Need to sketch. Sketches good... I'm beginning to think I work well under pressure. (To all my clients who are reading this: It will all be done on time. I'm good to go. :) )

On a completely different tangent... I just got my new self-promo postcards in the mail today and they turned out really nice I think. What a relief! I think they are a good series... maybe I'll get to do more sketches because of them. hee. here they are:


Okay, now back to work. I think I'm going to use Leonie's sentiment as my mantra: "it will all come together.  it will all come together." Leonie, who had one of the best ideas I'd ever heard of and married herself. Leonie, you rock!

this has been a very parenthesis-riddled post. sorry about that.

rock it.