it's sew me!

I made these dresses! They are probably nothing much to someone who actually knows how to sew properly, but they are hot snot to me. (hee!) The dress I made for myself was out of a jersey material that my mother-in-law gave to me. I laid the fabric out on the floor to cut out the basic shape, did some tweaking (the neckline was really uneven) and added light gray triangles to make it less boring. It's not exactly symmetrical and don't look at the stitching up close, but it's super comfortable. I love it.

Then I decided I was on a kick and knocked out a little dress for Veda, too. Her's is made out of an old t-shirt of mine. It had a paint stain on the front so I put a big flower patch there to cover it up. Add a ruffle neckline and some leggings -- wah-lah!

There was a break in the illustration action (all my sketches are with the clients right now), but I felt like being creative in a different way. This was the outcome. I call it "fake sewing". I think I'll attempt some loosey-goosey pants next.

p.s. My cat, Noah, seemed especially taken with the look. :)