Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset This morning we accidentally slept in, so getting ready to catch the bus was a blur. But we made it.

Every morning after Veda steps onto the bus, I always go for a walk... the route depends on how much time I have that day. But my favorite is always down by the river behind our house. It's the most peaceful, meandering walk and Vince (our dog) can run off leash as far as he wants.

Because of the rush this morning I felt like walking even more slowly than normal... even though it was freezing. I saw ice had formed overnight on the banks of the river making the most beautiful organic patterns of bubbles and leaves. I walked for a bit and then just sat down on a fallen tree. Most of the time we move so fast through our days that we never just sit, but there's so much to notice if we do. The first thing I noticed were all the sounds I wasn't hearing when I was walking:

- a dozen different bird calls and songs

- soft wind in the tree tops

- a chainsaw buzzing somewhere downstream

- the bubbling sound of the river

- the occasional car passing in the distance

- two squirrels giving Vince a talking to

- geese chatting quietly as they swam down stream

- the fast footsteps of Vince running off trail

- a female duck not exactly quacking... more of a short, high-pitched barking sound

- a woodpecker tapping

And as I got up to head home:

- the crunching of my boots on the frozen leaves