monday smiles

Ten things to smile about right this second:

1) Beautiful new ceramic cups handcrafted by Amy Esther to replace leaky old plastic cups.

2) Sacred Life Sunday (I am doing my own sacred life thing on flickr these days: a daily photo and small blurb about it.)

3) Working with a client in a true collaboration. It's fun and I am hoping it results in some beautiful finished pieces.

4) My snoring dog under my desk.

5) A giant stack of library books piled on the floor.

6) My super warm, old cotton duvet cover. It's has holes by now, but I love it so.

7) Plots and schemes to turn that Mondo Beyondo list into something other than wistful dreaming.

8) Listening to Jewel in my studio and suddenly feeling the urge to email a friend I haven't spoken to in years... and having her email back within the hour saying she was listening to the same album the night before and thinking of me! (R, I missed you so much.)

9) Wearing all the new clothes my mom-in-law and sis-in-law got me for Christmas. Feeling stylish and new.

10) The color yellow.

What are you smiling about today?