my mom's garden

My mom's garden is where Veda and I like to spend our afternoons. It's peaceful. My mom's house is not for sale and therefore things can get messy. Dirt can walk in on baby feet. The same plant can be watered a zillion times. The plastic pool can be set up and rocks thrown into it. And no one bats an eye. There's always coffee brewing and the living is easy. I feel my hair and blood pressure let down as soon as I walk through the front door and back into the garden. And it's always a wonder who will stop by. Maybe grandpa with a funny story and a sandwich. Maybe uncle Mase with his backwards hat and pizza hut apron. Maybe aunt Britt with a funny softball shirt and a big hug. Gotta love that.

I cannot wait till our house sells. I'm ready to be done with "museum living" as my friend calls it. Ready to have my own house be the place where I feel at home (that's how it should be, yes?). Ready to play with finger paints and sandboxes and turtle pools of our own. Ready for a proper studio instead of this little uncomfortable desk. Ready for the stress of this time to be a distant memory.

I know it'll happen at some point, and I accept that I have no control and this is the universe's little taunt and tease... have patience. have patience. don't be in such a hurry. I'm learning. Oh yes I am.

I guess for now I'm just happy that I can go to my mom's garden for a reprieve.

* * *

Wishlist for future backyard: - play house or teepee - turtle pool - sandbox - bikes and toys outside that don't need to be put away immediately - small veggie patch - flowers interspersed - sidewalk chalks at the ready - a hammock - fruit trees - a picnic table with a pretty tablecloth - a clothesline - a hose - a sprinkler - neighbors who pop by to hang out - a shady spot - a fence - miles of smiles