My Sacred Life Project

mysacredlifebutton.jpg Sometimes out of the blue, I have "one of those days"... you know? When the sky seems to be falling for no particular reason and you just want to go back to bed and mope. A menacing dark cloud rolls over head and decides to park itself above your countenance for the day.

That happened yesterday... I was overcome with feelings of loneliness and isolation and sadness. (And I'd done my feel-good-morning-routine of walking, yoga and breakfast), so I couldn't blame it on not taking care of myself. So I just felt gross all day.

I tried to counter it by searching out some goodness online and that's when I stumbled upon Zena Musings: My Sacred Life Project. Wow, what a powerful idea. (I'm probably very late to catch onto this, I don't get out much. :) )

In Carla's words:

The My Sacred Life Project "...every day for at least a month I'm going to post a photo from my daily life capturing something that connects me to Spirit. It might be my altar, a candle I'm burning, my dogs, the garden, a friend, a book I'm reading, nature, something I did, someplace I went, something important to me, or, who knows, maybe just my morning bowl of Cheerios! The idea is to creatively connect with the holiness of my everyday life..."

If you go to her page, you can see lots of other people who are doing this too. So I thought this would be a good way to be more mindful of the goodness in my life, even on shitty days. There's always a moment of grace in there somewhere.

So today I'm going to watch for that moment, and I'm gonna photograph it. And for a month, I'll post them, like Carla suggests.

Care to join in?