My Sacred Life -- Ten Things List

My Sacred Life: Day 11 (back at it!)

Many moons ago I started writing lists of ten things I'm grateful for. Right off the top of my head. Not too much thinking involved. Just appreciating. Here's mine today:

1. Watching my dog, Vince, grin as we went on an extended walk today.

2. Finally realizing (and doing) that I don't have to take on other people's negativity. It's their beef to deal with. Not mine.

3. Long pink skirts with knee socks.

4. Watching a snail today. (I wonder where he was going/what his plans were for dinner)

5. Becoming a vegetarian (2 months now) and loving it... it's very easy to cook and I'm no longer repulsed by touching raw meat!

6. Planning the menu for Thanksgiving with Alison.

7. My smiling buddha statue on my desk.

8. Fall is finally here in the south... flaming red trees, pine needles, hot tea, and bonfires.

9. My husband's dream finally becoming clear. (yay c!)

10. Doing yoga off the mat (I read a great article on this that i'll try to find to show you... so inspiring).

and bonus:

11. Being overwhelmingly inspired by my friend Jenny's book, coming out in April.