nashville show

August this time around seems to be all about work. I am beginning to think that artists who do a lot of shows tend to have work laying around that they can ship off if called upon. I don't. So this weekend was more painting. This time for the show in Nashville (also opening in September). I've been working on these pieces for a while and am really happy with how they turned out... they are smaller (8x11 on an 11x14 paper) and will also be framed with edges showing. (The first four framed that way came back and they are AWESOME... really cool paper shadows and you can see the color bleeds and stuff. I think you'll like it when I show you a pic.)

Anyway, for these I wanted to do something lighter and simpler. A study in an almost-monochromatic color palette. So I picked four colors that kind of show where I am right now (loving summer, bright days, that special after-thunderstorm-light, close-your-eyes pink) and overlayed them with simple graphite line-work figures. So they are acrylic and graphite only. I really enjoyed working in this way... letting the drawing and color take center stage... feels really natural for me.

Here are the pieces:


These go to the framer today and then get shipped out very soon to the SQ FT Gallery.