new print -- i love you to the moon and back

tothemoonandback_blue_pdullaghan tothemoonandback_yellow_pdullaghan tothemoonandback_pink_pdullaghan


So if you read this post you know that I recently had a little awakening that opened my eyes to some limitations I'd been needlessly been placing on myself in my work. After realizing this I couldn't wait to get into the studio to push past those limits and see what I could do. I played the "what if" game... What if I tried this? What if I didn't do this same line work for this piece? What if I experimented with that? In other words, I played more.

Part of that playing yielded this new print - a whole new arena in prints for me: typographic. I hand-lettered this and thought... oh yes! I'd surely hang this in my house. And heck, some other people might too. Let's not overthink this and just launch it. (A hard thing because I have an honorary doctorate in overthinking...)

Long story short -- I'm really excited to share this new print with you! This is my first lettering print (but hopefully one of many!). It's 11x17 (fits standard frames to make it easy) and available in blue, yellow or pink. You choose at checkout. :)

I love that this print could be for your sweetheart, or it would look great in a kid's room, too!

I hope you like it! You can see a bigger pic and get one for yourself here.