New work for Adra

Adra is a global humanitarian organization that helps improve quality of life for those in need in more than 130 countries. They do things like care for young refugees with warm bedding and clothing, bring clean water to remote villages, help families start businesses with bees or farm animals and educate children. In a nutshell, they are an organization who's doing good in the world. I love helping these kinds of organizations with my art. So when Adra called me a few months ago to illustrate a poster and fund-raiser thermometer for their print materials, I jumped at the opportunity!

They had very specific things they wanted me to include in the poster: a medical clinic, a school, a girl walking with goats and chickens and a fresh water hand pump well. So that's exactly what I drew. Here's the finished poster:

penelope dullaghan poster illustration - african village

They also wanted me to turn the poster into a color page for kids. (So fun!)

penelope dullaghan poster illustration coloring page - african village

And lastly, they wanted an illustrated fund-raising thermometer. This was meant for kids to be able to color in as goals were met.

penelope dullaghan - illustrated fund raiser thermometer