New Work: Hales Creative

This is an opener and 2 little spots I did for a magazine article called "To Mormons with Love". The story was about a family who moved into a predominantly Mormon community where they felt like outsiders. But getting to know their neighbors and the Mormon customs, they realized they loved it there and fit in just fine.

To make the spots make sense: The first one is about the quick pacing of some mormon social gatherings. The author called it "the Power Party". In her words:

"Mormon Power Parties are executed with precision, accuracy, and attention to time. Specifically, the “Wrap it up!” time. People work together to set up tables, serve food, break tables down, remove garbage, clean dishes, put them away, and vacuum, all while engaging in light conversation. Before you know it, you’ve eaten a meal, had dessert, visited with “what’s her bucket” and “what’s his face” and are home wondering if the night was all a dream. A good dream, but did it really happen?"

The second spot references the peculiar holiday gifts the neighbors in her community gave. Things like extension cords with cute notes about "extending merry wishes", etc.

The article was really fun and I hope I captured that in my illustrations. The sheep were super fun to draw. :)