New Work: Lindsay Obermeyer Identity and Website

A few months back, master crafter Lindsay Obermeyer contacted me to help redesign her identity and website. Lindsay is a fine artist whose focus is fiber, but she does so much more! Her beautiful craft work has been exhibited in the US and abroad at museums including New York’s Museum of Art and Design, the Museum of Fine Art, Boston and the Milwaukee Museum of Art. When she came to me, she had a dated logo and website that didn't say much about what she did. Here was her logo:


So I set out to make her look more modern, fun and reflect the hand-doneness (is that a word?) of her art. This is what I came up with:


I also added the tagline: "Craft with a Capital C" which Lindsay loved so much she trademarked it. Overall, I just made it colorful and feel more like "her" - fun, bold and artistic. And here is the website I designed around the logo:


The website took a bit of doing. Her previous site was hard to navigate, find images and figure out what she does exactly. So I broke it down into understandable categories with helpful images to support the titles. The new site is inviting, easy to find your way around and get to know the artist more.

And then we did up some fun business cards for her to hand out at craft fairs and events:


Overall, a huge change for Lindsay! And it has been very well received, from what I understand. In Lindsay's words:

"Response at the trade show was huge! I came back with work lined up! So, the entire rebrand made a big difference. THANK YOU!!!!!! Companies are starting to see me as a reliable designer and a contender for those more established. I am even starting an online educational series with one company! It really helped to have it all right there, easy to find."

I love the new look, too, and am glad it's been pulling its weight. :)