New(ish) Site!

I'm really excited to finally announce the new(ish) site. I say "ish" because I had actually been working on an entirely different site since last February that included more information about the yoga and thai bodywork that I do. But I think it says something that I've been working on it since February... it says I was procrastinating. Big time. And I finally acknowledged my stalling and mental stress about it and decided to ditch those aspects for now and just concentrate on visual arts. "Keep It Simple, Silly or "KISS"", as my art profs used to say). Ever since I made that decision my mind's been racing with creative ideas. Heh... gotta love the payoff of doing what your insides have been telling you for months, yeah?

So, here's the new(ish) site: you are already here. Also They both point to what you're looking at right now. :)

(btw: If you're reading this in a feeder, you may want to click over to the actual site to check it out. And update your feed.)

So what's new?

- A big bold new header. As Finch so kindly put it in her comment: I'm not just a visual artist... I'm a life artist. Thanks, Finch! But I'm gonna try out "visual artist" for a while to see if it clarifies things for clients. So big bold header with visual artist!

- A better, more informative About page.

- A new email address: If you want to get in touch (and please do!) email me there. I'm planning to phase out my old email address eventually.

- Links to better connect with me, right there on the top left of every page. So you can easily subscribe to the new feed, find me on facebook, flickr or linkedin.

- A new Press section with links to articles, including the CA interview.

- Rave Reviews. Right now I have client reviews there, but if I've inspired you somehow and you'd like to write a line or two for that section, I'd be happy to post it!

- Bigger pics on the blog. (I'm working on getting the portfolio images bigger as well.)

- A Links & Resources section that showcases sites, people, places that inspire me. Also toward the bottom there's book recommendations for art and yoga books as well as badges to put on your blog if you're so inclined.

- And lastly: a new shop that will open really soon (shooting for next week). I have new prints to sell along with some older ones. Stay tuned for that.

* * *

So please have a look around. Let me know what you think... if you see anything missing or not working, etc. I'm open to feedback and would love to hear your comments. Thanks for being with me in this space since 2004. I hope we continue to connect and inspire each other here. I'm excited to keep it going and freshen things up.