object of wonder

This was Veda's toy of choice for most of the afternoon. A tiny little stick that probably came from the handle of her toy basket. Not an inch long. About an eighth of an inch round. She has lots of music makers and books and blocks to choose from. But she chose this little stick.

I found it fascinating to watch her play with this. She tried it out on different surfaces... what did it look like on her pink pant ruffles? the ottoman? the carpet? on a white pillow? She made up a game of nearly handing it to me and then psyching me out at the last second and pulling it back. She let the cat sniff it. She put it in her hair. She would eye me sideways and almost put it in her mouth, waiting for me to say no, and then when I did she'd laugh hysterically. She'd fall over into a pile of pillows while holding it up in the air.

All these little games from an itty bitty stick. Crazy. It made me think a couple of things: the most obvious... man, kids (well, my kid at least, right now) DO NOT need a ton of toys. She needs simple things she can imagine into. Little things to discover. And tactile things to experience. And secondly, all my chit chat about noticing and watching and just being? Wanting to really see things as they are? I got nothin' on Veda. She is showing me what it means to really see. All these possibilities.

“Only those who look with the eyes of children can lose themselves in the object of their wonder.”  ~ Eberhard Arnold