off to LA

Tonight I am dropping everything where it is and heading to LA for the Girly Show. (Maybe taking a step away for the weekend will be refreshing.) In all the chaos of moving, I forgot to photograph the final paintings before I shipped them off. (oops) I'll have to photograph them there, I guess. But I wanted to give you a sneak peek of what you're going to see if you come to the show (please come if you're in LA! It'll be fun!)

Below are the four sketches I worked from... you should see them in color... I'm very happy with this mini-series. :)

In the first two, I wanted to capture that feeling of elation you get when you let go... feeling joy throughout your whole body. The third one is more meditative (I love the colors in this one), kind of showing how you start to feel no separation when you meditate/pray and the fourth is more calm and serene feeling...

girly3.jpg "Float"

girly4.jpg "Spinning with Birds"

girly2.jpg "I Am"

girly1.jpg "All is Bright"

Come see them in color at the show!