on the lookout

lookout.jpg Calling all miracles. You are needed front and center immediately.

There's so much going on right now that I've been quiet about here. But I think I finally need to open it up and just ask for some good vibes, if you have any to spare...

The thing is: During May's blog break, we sold our house here in South Carolina. It was truly a miracle because it sold one week after we told our realtor that we were hoping to move. We never even had a FOR SALE sign in the yard! And in this market? That's amazing.

The plan is to move in with my brother and Alison for a while because she hasn't been doing well since their move back to Indiana. I know I haven't talked about her much here lately because she'd been doing so well. But now she's not. Lots of pain. Radiation. Chemo. Throwing up. Losing weight. You name it. So we want to be there to help as much as we can... Get her to doctors appointments, cook some healthy meals, have some healing heart to hearts, etc. Just be a support and maybe help take some pressure off.

Everything was going according to plan (if not better) until last week...

Since then we've been hit with a bad inspection. (I don't even want to talk about it.) And a bad appraisal. (Don't want to talk about that either...)

It seems like roadblocks are going up one after the other. And it's damn frustrating.

My husband said today that from way up above, we must look like tiny ants ringing our hands over grains of rice. Just ridiculous, really. But here, smack dab in it, it feels gross and unfair.

I am trying to live by the mantra: "This too shall pass." Because it's true. In five years none of this will matter much. And that does actually help me step back and gain some perspective. The home sale and stress and major repairs and all this crap do not matter... What matters is getting up to help family and be there with them.

But while we schlep along through this time, would you mind sending any good thoughts and prayers for Alison, and for us to get through this move quickly and as painlessly as possible? Just the tiniest little prayer would help and be much appreciated.

I'll let you know what happens next...

thank you, friends!