only one course of action

Hope your week is going well so far... Last night was the worst bedtime in Veda history. And all I gotta say is that we survived and we're all still standing. (Well, Veda stands only with support, but we'll count it.) Poor little bean. I know she'll out grow this soon, but right now, this is just hard! The rest of the time she's such a happy girl. It's just bedtime that's rough. -- And nope, unfortunately swaddling doesn't work (thank you for the suggestion!). Nothing does really... The only thing you can do is just give her more and more love until she eventually soothes.

It reminds me of what my old creative director said to me once: He said that you can't really fight the client when they kill your good/creative/smart ideas. You can't persuade them to like it. You can't make them change their minds. And you can't sit around and dwell on it. (Pouting!) All you can do is come back with more ideas. Bigger and better solutions until eventually something does go through that the client likes and that you are still proud of. This is your only course of action as a professional.

Same thing with Veda. You can't really talk her out of her cries. You can't get mad. And you certainly can't just pout about it. You just gotta give her more and more love. And it's always amazing how it never runs out.

Inevitably, your patience can wear a bit thin at times... (it doesn't happen often, thankfully, but I admit it does happen). But I learned a trick: when you're running out of patience, one sure fire way to refill your well is to look at yourself holding the baby in the mirror. Something about taking one step away from yourself and becoming an outside observer for a second makes you realize how big and capable you are and how little and helpless she is. And instantly you can handle anything. At least, it's worked for me.

We'll be past this soon. And then I'll stop crabbing about it here. :) (Sorry about that. It's on my mind though.)

* * *

Totally off-subject, but I also wanted to mention that Leonie is offering another e-course! This time she paired up with professional organizer and simplifer Lisa Baldwin to do a course all about divine decluttering and space clearing -- So you can make your own home feel like a zen den. (Think: simplifying your space for more goodness to squeeze into your life!) Learn more about the course here. I think it sounds like fun. :)