please tell me...


My Sacred Life: Day 6

Yesterday flew by. I was restless and unfocused (oh well). But my moment of grace came when my friend Maria texted to ask if I wanted to take a walk around the neighborhood. So we did - she, her daughter and her doggers, and me and Vince. It was chaotic, and we had a really great conversation and she made me laugh out loud. Gotta love that. (I forgot to bring the camera though (oops), so I'm using this old shot of Maria.)

* * * * * * * I have been thinking a lot lately about where people choose to live, and why. Is it because family is close? Is it because of some feeling you got from a place and you knew you had to live there? Did you marry into a location? Is it because of a job? Is it because the military assigned you there? Is it because you just love your neighborhood and the people there? Is it because there's a lot to see/do there? Is it for the climate? Is it just coincidence?

Please tell me...Where do you live, and WHY do you live there?

I'd love to hear from you...