present moment

presentmoment1.jpg Still unable to write for some reason. I can't quite get out what I have to say and I'm not sure why not. (It's getting to be a bit frustrating.) I just keep thinking in pictures, trying to write the words that accompany... to make sense of it for you, but maybe we don't need them. Maybe you get it anyway...

A few changes around our lily pad: My darling husband now works from home with me. (One off my Mondo Beyondo list!) We are trying this arrangement out for 6 months. A sort of trial basis. And so far so good! It's very different having someone here during the days. I'm so used to stillness and solitude. Having lots of alone time to create.

He started off in the dining room, but has since moved into my studio with me. Which surprisingly, works very well. We both concentrate on our projects without bothering the other. But if we get stuck or need to bounce some ideas around we can do that easily. "Hey, do you have ten minutes to talk?"

It's weird. A coworker again after almost 4 years...

We're not sure what will happen after 6 months, but for now, we are loving this. And whatever happens after 6 months will happen. Let's just enjoy now, right?

(So, ahem... if you are a design house or an ad agency, etc and need a writer... I may know of one!) :)

I'll try again later to write more... I'm just happy I got these few paragraphs out!

I'm off to watch the carpenter bees and sip coffee in the sunshine. peace out.